Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 27

Post 27 from Now Hiring?

The Tunes on iTunes: The Isley Brothers "Just Came Here to Chill"

Another late night watching the 10:00 news, another blog entry. Sorry to make this seem boring, but it's a quiet night around here. I just watched "Rescue Me" on FX and my girlfriend is studying for a test she has in a couple of days. My mind has been running around in circles about a couple of things, and since I don't want to drive myself crazy I'll share them with you:

1. Since I start working in a couple of weeks (June 30 to be exact), I'm starting to worry whether I can handle the task of working full-time at my new school. I remember all the lectures I got about being a "new professional" and always saying "hell, I put man on the moon...I can handle this". But now, putting man on the moon sounds a whole lot easier. I was extremely confident about being the best professional when I interviewed there (duh dude...you wanted the gig, so you had to show you were professional), and I felt really confident until a couple of weeks ago. I guess reality is setting in, and in a couple of weeks I'll be working for real, making real money, and making important decisions.

2. Even though my contract at my assistantship ended, my students are still getting on my mind. For the class I teach, I required 4 out of 7 e-mail reaction opportunities to be turned in by the end of the course to recieve a passing grade. A vast majority of my students completed their work on time, but a few didn't. And those few decided (not asked, but decided themselves) to turn in the work a few weeks after grades were due and declared they passed. Well, one tried to tell me that someone in my office told her to turn in the work and she'd be fine...but the only secretary in the office didn't even talk to her (since she has first contact with everybody). So, this vacation I've been in meetings to try to resolve the grading situation and communicate to the students that since they didn't do the work, they don't deserve the passing grade. It reminded me that they're trying to learn even when they try to get slick with me.

Okay, Robot Chicken is coming on...I'll catch you later.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 26

Post 26 from Now Hiring?

On the tube: "Honey We're Killing the Kids!"

Let me tell you that I am extremely tired from this weekend's journeys. I've been out on business and experienced some pleasure from my travels. But, I'm hungry and got some Dunkin' Donuts coffee waiting for me, so I'll make this quick (and possibly very student affairs related). Plus, I've got to get on the road again to visit my baby niece.

SATURDAY (in the park...I think it was the 4th of July!): I went to my new city to apartment hunt. I found a couple of places that looked pretty nice (in my thinking, if it doesn't have roaches, then it's fine). The first place I looked at was relatively nice, and had a nice view of a large park adjacent to the complex. I went to the second place, and it was fantastic. It had a large bay window in the living room, a nice sized dining room, and an underground parking lot with free! car wash bay. But, I had to put a lot of money down to get it, and I'm not sure if it's the joint I want to lay my head down in. And, it's only a 10 minute commute from work. I went to a third place...and that was an adventure. It featured two guys trying to get a referral prize of $250 for a friend (that didn't live in the apartment complex), an angry woman wanting to get a guy out of the pool because he was splashing everyone, 5 questions about fishing permits, and the cops. Yeah, I don't know if I'll live there.

SUNDAY: I started some planning and saving money for the 2007 Joint Meeting in Orlando (I've got family close there, so I'm super excited). Then my girlfriend and I went to visit my grandmother who returned from the hospital. She had some surgery to correct some problems and had a bunch of tests ran on her, but she's feeling much better. Being the great grandson I am, I even made her dinner and did some laundry (you may commence the "awwws" and "that's so sweet" now). It was good to see her and do a good deed.

Well, the coffee's made and my niece is probably wondering where her uncle is. I'll catch you later. Peace!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 30

50 days until I start my new job

Movie I just watched:
Cadet Kelly (Yes, I’m addicted to the Disney Channel. I’m not ashamed to admit it…well, the fact that this blog is anonymous does make it a little easier…haha.)

It’s been one of these days.

The Hungarian Dance from Antonin Dvorak, the ring type of my cell phone, sounded unnaturally loud in the quiet apartment. I woke up with a start. I threw back the blanket and tried to get up to reach my cell phone that was lying on my dresser across the room. My foot got caught in the blanket and I fell. My glasses went flying – why were they still on my head? I must have fallen asleep again while reading with my glasses still on – and I almost slipped on the book that was lying on the floor – yet more evidence that I must have passed out while attempting to read.
I grabbed the phone and looked what number it was. The Duty Phone. I looked at my watch: 10 a.m. Okay, not really early but on a Saturday!!!

It was one of my student staff members, telling me that building 12 had no hot water and that she’d been unable to get in touch with Emergency Maintenance. I told her to keep trying the phone number for another 15 minutes – sometimes they just step out for a second and then nobody’s answering the phone – and if she wasn’t able to get in touch with them after 15 minutes to give me another call and I would call the Complex Manager.

My head had started to hurt. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I stared in the morning. What was I going to do today? I had nothing planned. There was really no rush in getting out of bed.

With a sigh, I went back to my bedroom and crawled into bed. I had just closed my eyes and was about to float off into dreamland when the familiar sounds of the Hungarian Dance interrupted my thoughts. With a groan, I got up again.

It was my staff member, just telling me that she had gotten a hold of Emergency Maintenance now.

Now I wasn’t able to fall asleep anymore. I grabbed the book I’d been reading last night, “Beginning Your Journey” and continued reading. After I finished the book, I decided it was time to get up and have some breakfast.

I spent the rest of the day reading – switching back and forth between Student Affairs literature and Harry Potter – and walking back and forth between the couch in my living room and my bed being unable to get really uncomfortable in either location. My head continued to throb.

I definitely handle late-night incidents better than early morning phone calls. At night, I’m usually still awake. Or even if I am woken up in the middle of the night, it doesn’t seem to screw up my entire day. Being woken up early in the morning on the other day (or at least what I consider early)…I’m just not a morning person.

Later today, I realized that I was probably having a headache all day because I hadn’t had any caffeine. I’ve been trying to slowly cut down on my caffeine-intake (I’ve become way too addicted to soda) and today had been the first day in a few months that I didn’t have any.

After that realization, things turned around for me. I went running on campus and even though I was absolutely exhausted afterwards, it felt good. I read an article by Baxter Magolda on active learning and got inspired. I kept thinking about the article and finally sat down and came up with a new community building plan that I want my staff to try this summer – it probably won’t all happen until after I leave, but I’m sure I’ll find out how it went. And it’s all about leaving a legacy, right?

Now I’m going to eat an apple – trying to eat healthy – and then I will continue reading Harry Potter for a little while. But I’m going to make sure that I’ll take my glasses off and turn the light off before I fall asleep.

Let’s just hope no phone call wakes me up tomorrow morning!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 25

Post 25 from Now Hiring?

The Tunes: Curtis Mayfield "Move On Up"

Well, this man is back from his "vacation" home. I went back to work a couple of days ago, and it's been hard to get back into the groove of doing...work. I'll admit, there have been times where my concentration has lapsed and I've lacked motivation. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to spend my first week after graduation laying on the couch watching Jerry Springer all day. But, tomorrow is my last official day at work. I've been employed at that office for many years, and I've seen a lot of good times and been through some rough periods. But, come tomorrow, there will be some sadness to leave a place I've been for a long time, and finally leave people with whom I've made some great relationships with.

On that note, I've got some good news. Two of my friends got jobs! They had been looking but found the positions they had really wanted. It's kind of surreal that everyone I know is moving to opposite parts of the country and doing some pretty cool things after seeing everybody every day for 2 straight years. At the time, I didn't appreciate seeing all my cohort members together, but now the student affairs-sentimental apprecation for those times is starting to get to me. Ugh, before I was a steely engineer that didn't cry nor show emotion, and now I'm getting sentimental.

Well, I'm off to my new place of livin' to do some apartment shopping. I'll let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 29

54 days until I start my new job

Song I’m singing right now (yes, I can sing and write at the same time…I’m a woman…women are good at multitasking!): “Anywhere But Here” – Hilary Duff

Student Affairs book I’m currently reading:“Beginning Your Journey: A Guide for New Professionals in Student Affairs” by M. J. Amy and L. M. Reesor (Eds.)

“You’re not a grad student anymore. You’re a professional now.”
This has become my supervisor’s favorite new saying.

I’m definitely not used to thinking of myself as a professional yet. But I have made some progress in regards to “having a life” again. At least, I’ve come up with some goals for the summer. Here they are:

1. Doing some “leisure” Student Affairs reading. I’ve started with “Beginning Your Journey.” I also, just last night, purchased $100-worth of Student Affairs books, mainly ones for working in residence halls and working with student groups. I figured it never hurts to expand my Student Affairs library a little. And now, that it’s the summer, I may actually find some time to read.

2. Getting in shape. I’m not into working out or going to the gym and all that stuff. I used to be in pretty good shape when I was younger because my parents would take me on hiking tours on the weekend or we’d go skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer, etc. But in these past few years, workaholic me hasn’t really done much. So the goal for the summer is to actually utilize some of these Dance Aerobics tapes I bought months ago or go running once in a while.

3. Saying my goodbyes. I’ll be moving 13 hours away from most of my friends in just a few weeks. After undergraduate, I only moved 2 1/2 hours away, but I still lost touch with many of my friends…and rarely saw any of them. I don’t even want to think about what it’ll be like with 13 hours. And besides, I don’t really want to spend my weekends sitting in my apartment doing nothing, so it’s definitely time for some roadtrips and visits.

4. Treating myself to some fun things. I think tomorrow night, I’ll take myself out on a date. Just to explain: I’ve been single for a VERY long time, so a few years ago, I decided that just because I’m not seeing anyone, doesn’t mean that I have to miss out on fun dating activities. So once in a while, I take myself out to dinner (yes, it takes some getting used to, but if you go to a low-key restaurant and bring a good book, eating by yourself can actually be very nice) and a movie (again, it just takes some practice and soon you’ll stop feeling weird about going by yourself). And if I really want to spoil myself, I’ll stop for some ice cream on the way back.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 24

Post 24 from Now Hiring?

On TV: VH1 Soul
Mood: Hot as hell

Well, greetings from hot, steamy central Florida, home of yellow grits, 13 feet long gators and conk peas! I've been down here for the past couple of days visiting family. Plus, my younger cousin is graduating high school today (If you wanna guess where she went to high school, one girl from "My Super Sweet Sixteen" is from this city and went to her high school). For the most part, everyone is pretty reserved. At first, I thought I spoiled the graduation festivities by everyone coming to all my ceremonies, but then the weather man said it will be around 95 degrees today, and the ceremony is at 7 p.m. tonight...outdoors.

For most of the day I was hanging out with family, chatting and joking around with members I haven't seen in a long time. I saw my auntie and uncle that own a watermelon and cucumber farm, and gave me a watermelon for a graduation gift (one I will enjoy tonight after dinner). Seeing all the family today made me feel good about all my accomplishments and seeing that all their hard work (i.e. fussing, cursing, lecturing) has come to some good results. They were all really happy that I got work ("any time a man's got work is a good thang" my uncle said), and it made me really proud that I can carry the family name and represent them well.

Well, the food's just about done, and there's a banana popsicle with my name on it. Catch ya'll next week.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 28

60 days until I start my new job

Song being blasted way too loud on my stereo right now:
“Because Of You” – Kelly Clarkson

Last Student Development Theory I thought about:
Schlossberg’s Transition Theory
(Okay, so I may be a nerd, but even I don’t sit around in my apartment and think about Student Development Theory on a daily basis - even though I catch myself watching movies or TV shows and analyzing the characters’ development or questioning how realistic certain situations are based on recent legal trends - but I swear I only thought about Schlossberg because a friend asked me a question about it.)

I can’t believe that I won’t be taking classes next fall. For 18 out of the 24 years of my life, I have been a student. I’m so used to coming home in the evening, grabbing a book for class and reading until I pass out. I’m used to spending hours and hours in front of the computer writing and rewriting a paper. I have To-Do Lists and a calendar of upcoming exams and due dates posted on my refrigerator.

It hasn’t really sunk in yet that I won’t be a student next fall. I mean, technically I know that I’m done with school - at least for a while, even though that PhD may be in my future somewhere – but somehow I can’t phantom what life will be like as a non-student. What do you do when you don’t have to study at night?

I know I’m going into a field where not having enough work is never a problem, but I highly doubt it will be as crazy as these past two years have been (partially due to my own doing as I just never say no and always try to do everything…yes, I know I have to work on that). Just in the past few days since graduation, I’ve suddenly had all this free time and no idea what to do with myself. Let’s take today for example: I stayed at work late because I was trying to take care of some things (bad habit, I know…I keep telling our secretary to go home because the work will still be there the next day, but I never do it myself). I got home around 7 p.m. I walked into my apartment, looked around, didn’t know what to do, finally decided to grab some flyers and post them in my area. Then I got back into the apartment again, still didn’t know what to do. I figured I should eat dinner, so I did that while watching a little TV. I don’t like the fact that I watch so much TV though. I mean, there should be something more productive a person can do. Around 11 p.m., I finally decided to go running. So I did that, then took a shower and now I’m IMing friends and writing this post. But I really need to figure out what to do with myself again. I used to have a lot of hobbies when I was younger: anything from horseback riding to dancing to skiing to reading to attempting to write my own stories to traveling and and. But for these past two years, I was either at work, studying or too exhausted to do anything.

So here’s my personal goal for this summer: FIGURE OUT HOW TO HAVE A LIFE AGAIN!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 23

Post 23 from Now Hiring?

On TV: Orioles vs. Red Sox on ESPN

Well, I'm back home for a week long "vacation". I just got in, and I am suffering from jet lag. The trip was uneventful, however a little bumpy getting in. Let's just say my cup of ginger ale had waves up to 2-3 feet.

But...I got to see my baby nephew. He is even more cuter in person than in all the pictures I got in the mail. I got to hold him and watch him squirm as he laid on the couch. All the time I was with him, I was in student affairs professional (or S.A.P.) with him. As soon as I had him in my arms, I was giving him valuable advice on what situations to not get into. On the plane ride here, I was thinking about what I would say to him, and how the past engineer-self and the new S.A.P. would approach the first ever uncle-nephew chat...

ENGINEER: "Um...okay...well, you're my nephew, and there are some things we need to talk about. First I want you to learn the word 'calculus'...because you're gonna start learning it soon. Also, I'll be around to help you learn structural dynamics, chemical food processes, and advanced aerodynamics. Remember, engineers run the world, and make a damn good living too! Well, since you're awake, let's begin learning your multiplication tables..."

S.A.P.: "Welcome to your first chat with your nephew. First off, I am here to help you. I am open, ready, and willing to hear your needs. Second, I will always be your ally. If there's something I can't help you with, then I'll find your dad or grandfather to help. Feel like an icebreaker...no?...well then, let's start my first lesson...roomate conflicts. One of these days, you'll have a sibling, and you might have to share a living space with them. One way to avoid this is to remember to be open and willing to learn from your sister or brother's experiences."

The chat didn't go that way, but it was good to connect. Next time we talk, I'll get him started on Kegan and Chickering. I'm all about getting him into the student affairs family already...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 27

63 days until a new life

[Continued from Post 26]

And we’re getting into our time machine again…
The first of my two on-campus interviews had gone alright…better than alright, I had a job offer and even though this hadn’t been my top choice, I could see myself being okay there.

But when it was time to leave for my second on-campus interview, I was a nervous wreck again. Suddenly, I wasn’t so sure if that other school was the right place for me. Every fiber in my being told me that this school that I would be interviewing with the next day was the perfect fit for me. I tried really hard not to let myself think that, because it only made me more nervous. I was putting way too much pressure on myself. What if this didn’t work out? I had to be realistic. I couldn’t get my hopes up before I got an offer. I couldn’t allow myself to fall in love.

But how do you stop yourself from falling in love? I have never been able to do that. With every minute I spent on that campus, I liked it more. I could see myself enjoying my job, was excited about the opportunities I would have, and was just in general very impressed by the department. I also saw myself fitting in with the staff, working with likeminded people who were passionate about what they did.
I probably enjoyed the conversation with the director most. He talked about the values of the department and many of them echoed exactly what I value and believe in.

I felt like I had finally found what I was looking for. Granted, the school isn’t in the location I had originally been hoping to move to, but it had everything else that I was looking for in an institution and a new job: a clear emphasis on bridging the gap between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs, a student-centered approach to Residential Life, opportunities for positive interactions with students, and a focus on learning for students, student leaders and staff.

You can probably imagine how nervous I was when I left from the on-campus interview. I had asked about their timeline, explaining that I had another job offer, and was told that it’d take about one week. If the search committee liked me, I would still need to do a phone interview with the faculty member of the learning community that I’d be working with. But after that phone interview, they’d be able to tell me pretty quickly.

All week, I couldn’t think about anything else. It was finals week and I had about a million things to take care of, but nothing seemed to matter anymore. I went through each day in a trance, attending to business as usual but not really paying attention. People – friends, colleagues, faculty, my parents – kept asking me how the on-campus interviews had gone and if I had heard from them yet. I tried to hide my excitement about my new top choice school. I really didn’t want people to know how much I had enjoyed the on-campus interview…if I didn’t get the job, I’d be crushed. I wouldn’t be able to handle others feeling sorry for me. So I kept trying to convince them and me that I really liked the other school, which had already made me an offer, and I was just waiting so that I could weigh out all my options. But I wasn’t able to convince any of them anymore than myself. We all knew that everything depended on that one phone call.

A few things did manage to distract me for a couple hours: There was the planning for our class gift; the graduation reception from our graduate program (which was just wonderful); and graduation (which is definitely a lot more fun when you’re in a cohort program). Sadness started to creep in with the realization that I wouldn’t see the rest of my cohort on a daily basis anymore. I couldn’t and still can’t believe that these two years are really over now. What a ride it has been…

But back to the job search: Halfway through our festivities, I got the e-mail saying the faculty member of the learning community would be contacting me soon. After that, I was hanging on to my cell phone for dear life. I even took it with me to the bathroom…I don’t know what I would have done if it had rung while I was taking a shower. And then, two days later (it was the weekend), it finally rang.

The interview was brief and I thought it went pretty well, even though I didn’t dare to say that out loud. I didn’t even tell anyone that I had already done the faculty interview, because I didn’t want them to ask how it went. Saying it out loud felt like jinxing it. I’m not the superstitious type, but when it comes to job searching, it’s better safe than sorry.

I was walking from the Accounting Office, where I had just dropped off the security deposit for one of my new residents (one of my least favorite parts of the job), toward the main Student Affairs building on our campus. I needed to fill out some paperwork for the summer. Suddenly, my phone rang. “Unavailable ID.”
My hands started to shake. This could be it. What should I do? I froze. Okay, deep breath, then press the talk button. “Hello?”

I’m going to spare you off the most nerve-racking few moments of my life that followed. Who cares about small talk? Just give me the answer I’ve been waiting to hear for over a week now!

I got the job!

For one fleeting second, I thought about restraining myself…asking for a night to sleep on it. Then, I decided that it was stupid. I knew what my answer was, so why not tell them. I’m not the type of person that plays hardball, tries to negotiate salaries or benefits. I’m the type of person that follows her heart. My heart was telling me very clearly to say yes.

I felt like jumping up and down. Instead, I ran to the office where one of my friends works and told her…and then we jumped up and down. :)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 26

66 days until…. [I’ve started a new countdown. But what am I counting down to now? Wouldn’t you like to know?]

[Continued from Post 25]

Shout-out to my fellow grad students! Congrats on graduating! Congrats to those of you, who already have a job! Good Luck to those of you, who’re still searching…I know you can do it. I believe in you!
I’m going to miss all of you next year!

Let’s do a little timetravel again…
Remember, it’s two weeks ago and I’m about to start the on-campus interview craziness. Two interviews with just two days break in between, one school I’m not sold on, and one I’m already crazy about.

The pressure is on.

I went to the first interview. I spent the plane ride trying to convince myself that I would like that school. I kept going over things that I liked about the position, things that had positively stood out to me during the conference interviews. It really wasn’t a bad position either…it had a lot of the things I liked. There were definitely some exciting opportunities there. It just wasn’t what I had dreamed off.

I got there late and one of the staff members picked me up from the airport. We chatted on the way back to campus. He was very honest, extremely almost shockingly honest. I soon found out what he liked, but just as much what he didn’t like about the department. He didn’t seem to be “in love” with the job.

Was I expecting too much? Were my exceptions unrealistic? I mean, is there really “the perfect” institution? A school where people just LOVE working at? A department that has everything I’ve ever dreamed off?

I went to bed confused and exhausted. It had been a long week at work as well, so I was badly in need of some sleep. But who can sleep the night before an on-campus? I tossed and turned, trying to think over all those first impressions I had gotten on the ride and by looking through the materials they had left in the apartment.

What did I think? Did I like it or not? Would I be happy here?

The interview started early the next morning. Breakfast with one of the staff members. Then interviewing sessions back to back. Lunch with staff, followed by even more interview sessions.

I felt like the interview were going pretty well. I liked what I heard. The position became a little more attractive to me. I could imagine some great opportunities being made available to me…saw myself making big changes in a department that was looking for input and change agents.

I also liked the staff members I was meeting throughout the day. They seemed like a fun group. But I couldn’t help but worry how I would fit in with them. They just didn’t seem like “my people.” I know I’d enjoy working with them, but it didn’t know if they’d be more than colleagues.

The day came to an end. I was ready for it to be over. My whole body was aching…I was so exhausted that I felt like I was going to start crying any minute. The last thing of the day was a meeting with the director. We talked for a bit, then he offered to show me around campus and the town.

We were driving around, when his assistant director called him to ask a couple question…one was for me related to my visa. The two talked for a bit longer, then the director got off the phone, finished his tour and drove me back to campus. We pulled into the parking lot, and then…

He offered me a job. Right then and there. I totally hadn’t expected that. It turned out, I was their last candidate, so at this point, they were ready to make offers.
I had no idea what to say, other than “Oh wow.” I probably sounded like a total idiot…haha.

I couldn’t form a coherent thought. I felt like crying again, this time because I was so overwhelmed. What should I say? What should I do?
I’d been so worried about not getting a job; now that I had one, half of me was screaming “yes, take it,” the other half, “no, think about this first. Is this really what you want?”

I must have looked very confused, so the director finally asked me where I was at in my job search. I explained that I had another on-campus in a couple of days and that I just wanted to see how that would go. I got some of my brain power back and was able to thank him for the offer and explain that I was really excited and honored, and would let him know as soon as I could.

We left it at that. One of the staff members was taking me home, and I was asking questions along the way trying to figure out how I would fit in with the staff. When I got to the airport, taking this job was a definite possibility. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. I wouldn’t be deported….

I called my friends from the airport. Talking to them got me even more excited about the job offer. Yes, I could definitely work there. It hadn’t been my top choice from the beginning, but it was a good school, an interesting job, a nice opportunity. Yes, I could definitely do this.

[To be continued….]

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 22

Post 22 from Now Hiring?

On TV: Entertainment Tonight (Mary Hart's still on ET?)
My Feelings: Soooooo relaxed on the couch...

Let's see...what happened after my last post. Well, graduation came upon my campus, and I finally graduated. Let's just say I couldn't control my excitement for graduation, and my official graduation picture looks eerily similar to Issac from "Love Boat". Plus, I had most of my family and my girlfriend's family there to cheer me on. It was a good time all together, and it's something I won't forget. The other thing is...it will be the last time I might see members of my cohort in a while. I know that I didn't get along with many of them, and we had our moments where we didn't agree, but in truth I'll miss them and wish them the best in their careers.

In truth, it feels good to be a graduate. It feels great to not have any more homework, papers, and a break from working with faculty members. I get to sit around my place for the next month, hang out with my girlfriend, and just relax. I've gotten really acquainted with my couch, and the remote control is my new best friend. The only stressor I have is making sure I find a comfortable apartment in my new town and making sure I make my flight to see "the little turd".

Candidate #0000 - Post 25

3 days AFTER graduation.

Quote of the Day: “To lead by example is the true treasure, the secret of leadership, in one simple measure.” – Victor Gonzalez

Last TV Show I watched: Gilmore Girls, Season Finale (Can I just say…AHHH! When does the next season start?)

Okay, so I really have lots to tell you, but I’m going to start at the beginning because I don’t want to ruin the surprise… J

The last couple of weeks have been rough, as I’m sure you have all noticed in my last posts. I just felt like between being an international student and having worked in Family Housing for the past year, I would never get a job…or at least not a job that I’d be excited about. And here’s the thing: work is everything to me. My family is so far away; friends come and go. The only constant in my life for the past five years has been ResLife and the fact that I love what I do. Without that, I don’t know what I’d do. This year has been hard enough because I didn’t really love my job…or at least I didn’t like all of it. Fortunately, I still had RHA and being an advisor for them got through some rough times.

The other three ResLife graduate students had all accepted jobs – accepted great jobs. With their faces lighting up every time they talked about their new position, I didn’t know how much longer I could stand this. I was happy for them, of course, but I also couldn’t help but be jealous and bitter over the fact that they had a job and I didn’t. What had I done wrong???

People were now coming up to me on a daily basis asking me if I had accepted a job – Hall Directors, other grads, students. I felt like crying every time someone asked me. Others suggested I should apply at my current institution but that would have felt like giving up. I didn’t want to work here; I’d only do it because I couldn’t find a job anywhere else. And on those rare occasions when I had a smile on my face, my supervisor asked me if I had been offered another on-campus interview. I couldn’t do it anymore. So I stopped smiling and started avoiding people.

Then, the last week before graduation came around and I had two on-campus interviews scheduled for that week. I wasn’t at all excited about the first school, but I’d become excited about the 2nd one. Neither school was in California. I’ve long ago given up the dream of ever making it out there. But at least with the second school, I knew, it’d be an amazing position at a wonderful institution, and I could really see myself LOVING my job there. But did I have a chance of getting that job?

[To be continued…]

Monday, May 08, 2006

Candidate#0000 - Post 24

Wow, I owe you all a HUGE apology. I'm so sorry I didn't write in so long. The last weeks have been absolutely CRAZY!
I'm at work right now and am trying to e-mail all my student staff members their grade from our class this semester and tell them my comments on their final paper. I need to take care of this before meeting with my friends to go running.
But I have LOTS to tell you!
Keep your eyes open for another LONG post coming SOON!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 21

Post 21 from Now Hiring?

How I'm Feeling: On a sugar high, thanks to Snickers
What I'm Listening To: Brian McKnight "Find Myself In You" (from the "Madea's Family Reunion soundtrack...make sure to cop that)

I'll have to make this short, since I'm at "work"...here are three developments

1. Since I've been pretty busy this week, I almost forgot that I graduate tomorrow. To tell you the truth, I haven't thought about the fact that I will be getting my Master's degree and I'll be done with school (for the time being). I think it will hit me tomorrow, when I'll say "Oh snap...I gotta grow up!"

2. I got my plane ticket to visit my family the other day, which means that I'll get to see my new nephew. I'm excited to see "the little turd" and get to hold him and give him all my wisdom and advice...while he tries to hold his head up and distributes his lunch all over my shirt.

(Sidebar: in my family, we all have weird nicknames. I call my brother "the turd", just because it's brotherly ribbing. My dad calls me "gatorhead", and my granny calls my cousins "peanut" and "fatman", despite the fact that both don't resemble a food or have significant weight problems. It's a family thing, and it's done in love).

3. The other day I get a call from a school, and they wanted to get my permission to check my references. I thought it was really weird, but since everyhthing was in order, I said "sure, why not?". I didn't think anything about it and went about my day. Later that day, I get a call from the same school...

They offered me a job.

I was pretty speechless, so I tried to compose myself and asked for a couple of days to think it through. After I got the call, I burned up my cell and talked to my girlfriend, parents, her parents, her brother, and the local crazy guy walking down the street. I went home and started praying. It was the ideal job...it had everything I wanted (minus the Dunkin' Donuts, but it has White Castle next to it, so it's a good substitute), and they were really interested in me. So I decided to take the offer. But, later that night, it finally hit me...

I have a job.

To tell you the truth, I'm still in a state of shock. I'm in awe that I actually lived through the entire process, and it came out successfully. I don't know what to think...I guess I'll have to sleep on it and tell ya'll.