Friday, June 09, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 28

Post 28 from Now Hiring?

How I'm Feeling: My tummy hurts...
What's Blastin: Tom Browne "Funkin' for Jamaica"

Well, it's time for another blog entry. I haven't been feeling well for the past couple of days due to some stomach problems (for you and I, the gory details will definitely be spared). There have been some periods of excitement this past week, and long points of absolute bordeom. I'll highlight the exciting times for ya...

1. I actually stepped into my old office this week to chat and clean off my desk. I saw some friends that are working for our office's summer programs. Since I have worked with the same program for the past couple of years, I offered my assistance if they needed. Plus, one of my friends brought her 16 month old son, so he and I were dancing in the hallway as our secretary got a good laugh out of us. Fun times once again.

2. I got pictures of my nephew in an e-mail. He's already 10 pounds and only 9 weeks old. Pretty soon he'll be eating a rack of ribs, jamming to The Roots with his uncle and driving my old Chevy Blazer trying to pick up women at the local mall. While that may be a strecth, I'm looking forward to seeing the little turd whenever I can. Plus, my little niece called and wanted to say hello. I distinctly the last time I saw her, when she and I were eating banana popsicles while watching Dora the Explorer, and she and I would knock popscicles like they were glasses and say "cheers!". I miss those two with everything I got.

3. I got an apartment in my new town of residence. I had to survive a credit check (which I knew I passed; they did it on a computer and got my results with 5 seconds) and a background check. I knew I wouldn't have any trouble with my background check, because my only contact with law enforcement was when I dialed 911 and hung up...when I was 5. Once I got the phone call saying everything was cool, I was pretty relieved. It's a nice 1 bedroom apartment with a spacious living and dining room, but the bedroom is pretty small. Plus, it has covered parking with a free car wash bay, so I can keep my sparkling car shiny and relatively new-looking. Plus, there's shopping, entertainment, and restaurants (yep, there's a White Castle across the street) nearby. And, it's only a 10 minute drive away from campus. I'm glad that part of the move was taken care it's a matter of packing everything up here and moving it there.

Well, Dr. Phil is about to come on TV, so I must cut this short. I'll catch you later. Peace!


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