Thursday, June 15, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 29

Post 29 from Now Hiring?

On the Tube: "The First 48"

Well, I must tell you that I've had a question brewing in my mind for the past week or so. It had been keeping me awake at night and made me nervous. At times, my palms would sweat and I would pace around my apartment. I was a wreck; should I ask the question or just let it go? Should I not let it bother me or treat it as an important decision.

Last night, I decided to be a man and take a chance.

I popped the question.

Yeah, I did it. I was nervous, but it felt good to get it off my shoulders. So, the answer is...

Digital cable over standard cable.

You thought I was getting married or something? I had you going there for a minute, didn't I? Please, I'm focused on making my move next week, so I had been wondering whether to go with standard cable or splurge and get all 25 HBO channels. Since that momentous decision is done, maybe I'll ask my girlfriend to be my wife.

Other than that, I've bounced into my office a couple of times to say hello and clean off my desk. I've been asked questions about grading for my class, and I've given the standard "I ain't workin' here no more!" answer...only to actually try and resolve the situation (I guess my standard answer needs more work).

Okay, I've got to keep packing. I've got so much crap to box's gonna take me a while.

(Many thanks to my main man Johnathan Sprinkles and his "5 Minute Motivator" for the inspiration for this entry).


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