Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 33

33 days until I start my new job

Last person I talked to on the phone:
One of my best friends from undergrad, who has just returned to the US after 2 1/2 years in the Peace Corps

Biggest accomplishment of the day:
Deleting lots of people I haven’t talked to in years from my AIM Buddy List.

My apartment is a total mess right now. You can’t even walk from the door to the bedroom without tripping over at least two or three stacks of paper that are spread out on the living room floor. I wanted to do one of my “dance workout” videos tonight, but there is no way I can find enough space to even stand in my living room with few of the TV…let’s not even talk about moving around. I guess I’ll just have to go running again tonight. That means I have to drive back to the center of campus though because it’s getting very late and it’s way too dark around my complex to go running at night.

But before I jump into my car, let me explain first why there’s such a mess in my living room: No, I haven’t suddenly turned into a total slob, although if you hear my mom or grandma talking about me you’d think I was one. No, but seriously, I’m actually attempting to organize all my class notes and various other documents, articles and handouts that I’ve collected over the past two years. But I get this organizing thing isn’t as easy as it sounds…it’s definitely getting worse before it’ll get better.

I can’t believe how many random notes and articles I’ve collected in just two years of graduate school. I have two huge binders filled material from classes, plus a third binder just for this year-long assessment class I had. And that’s not even including any of the materials from my two practicums and the graduate assistantship.

Most of my friends told me that they’ve thrown a lot of articles out because they figure they’ll be able to find them online if they ever need them again. But I just can’t do that. I always think, “What if….” Like maybe one day I’ll be in charge of RA training and then I’ll be happy if I have a couple old RA training schedules from various schools that I can base my training off. You just never know. The only thing I know is that I’ll regret this attitude once I start packing things into boxes.

Oh, I have another confession to make. I finally gave in to MySpace. I’ve been on Facebook for the past two years, but I always said that I wouldn’t get sucked into another one of these sites. Well, a couple of my friends who graduated before “Facebook” became the “thing to do” aren’t on it but are on MySpace and they’ve been bugging me for months to set up a profile. I guess, they finally won. But don’t worry, I’ll be extremely careful what I’ll put on there.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hear ya with the packing and the notes and the age old question "to save or not to save". I have an iPod and used it to hold many more files than I would ever have had room for in any box. I was able to chuck a lot of things that I thought I would want since it was all saved on the iPod. Just a thought. Most MP3 players also act as storage devices.

10:53 AM  

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