Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 22

Post 22 from Now Hiring?

On TV: Entertainment Tonight (Mary Hart's still on ET?)
My Feelings: Soooooo relaxed on the couch...

Let's see...what happened after my last post. Well, graduation came upon my campus, and I finally graduated. Let's just say I couldn't control my excitement for graduation, and my official graduation picture looks eerily similar to Issac from "Love Boat". Plus, I had most of my family and my girlfriend's family there to cheer me on. It was a good time all together, and it's something I won't forget. The other thing will be the last time I might see members of my cohort in a while. I know that I didn't get along with many of them, and we had our moments where we didn't agree, but in truth I'll miss them and wish them the best in their careers.

In truth, it feels good to be a graduate. It feels great to not have any more homework, papers, and a break from working with faculty members. I get to sit around my place for the next month, hang out with my girlfriend, and just relax. I've gotten really acquainted with my couch, and the remote control is my new best friend. The only stressor I have is making sure I find a comfortable apartment in my new town and making sure I make my flight to see "the little turd".


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