Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 27

Post 27 from Now Hiring?

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Another late night watching the 10:00 news, another blog entry. Sorry to make this seem boring, but it's a quiet night around here. I just watched "Rescue Me" on FX and my girlfriend is studying for a test she has in a couple of days. My mind has been running around in circles about a couple of things, and since I don't want to drive myself crazy I'll share them with you:

1. Since I start working in a couple of weeks (June 30 to be exact), I'm starting to worry whether I can handle the task of working full-time at my new school. I remember all the lectures I got about being a "new professional" and always saying "hell, I put man on the moon...I can handle this". But now, putting man on the moon sounds a whole lot easier. I was extremely confident about being the best professional when I interviewed there (duh dude...you wanted the gig, so you had to show you were professional), and I felt really confident until a couple of weeks ago. I guess reality is setting in, and in a couple of weeks I'll be working for real, making real money, and making important decisions.

2. Even though my contract at my assistantship ended, my students are still getting on my mind. For the class I teach, I required 4 out of 7 e-mail reaction opportunities to be turned in by the end of the course to recieve a passing grade. A vast majority of my students completed their work on time, but a few didn't. And those few decided (not asked, but decided themselves) to turn in the work a few weeks after grades were due and declared they passed. Well, one tried to tell me that someone in my office told her to turn in the work and she'd be fine...but the only secretary in the office didn't even talk to her (since she has first contact with everybody). So, this vacation I've been in meetings to try to resolve the grading situation and communicate to the students that since they didn't do the work, they don't deserve the passing grade. It reminded me that they're trying to learn even when they try to get slick with me.

Okay, Robot Chicken is coming on...I'll catch you later.


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