Friday, June 09, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 31

37 days until I start my new job

My AIM Away Message: “Five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird...”
– Liz Parker, Roswell

Sound in my apartment:
The guy from upstairs snoring. (Can you believe it? This guy snores so loud that I can hear him in my apartment! It’s been driving me insane. But the second I turn on music to tune out his snoring, he and his wife complain that I’m keeping them up. Grrrrrrrrr….)

My summer plans are finally starting to take shape. This weekend will be dedicated to some packing…particularly going through old classnotes and sorting through all the material I have received at work throughout the past two years.
Next weekend (June 16th) , I’m going to Maine to visit a friend…and just to go to Maine because I’ve never been there. Then, I’m hoping to visit another friend the following weekend (June 23rd) for one night, stop by another friend’s place on the way back and attend a party that evening. And then I may take a day off work to pick up one of my friends (she doesn’t have car) and bring her back here. We’ll hang out for a few days and on the weekend or the latest on July 4th, I’ll drive her back home. And the following weekend (July 7th) will be my last day at work and my last weekend here, so I’m sure I’ll be busy packing. And then on Tuesday, I’ll be handing in my keys and moving half-way across the country to a new job, a new life. :)

It’s crazy trying to make plans for this last month. There’s so much I still want to do, so many people I want to see before I leave. At graduation, it felt like I’d have an eternity before leaving for my new job…now it’s just 30 days and when you’re thinking about it in terms of weekends, there’s barely any time left.


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