Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Candidate #0000 - Post 31

39 days until I start my new job

Quote of the Day:“It is our choices that show who we truly are far more than our abilities.”
– Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter

It’s Wednesday, 10 a.m., and I should probably be at work. I have lots of stuff to do today. But for some reason, I’m having a slow start today and right now, I just feel like writing. ;)

I went to bed early last night – earlier than I have in months – with the intention of getting up early this morning to go running or do one of those exercise tapes before going to work. But when my alarm rang, I just turned it off and rolled over on the other side.

I haven’t been very successful at achieving my goals for the summer. I was doing really well in the beginning and then I just kind of fell off the wagon. Now, I’m back to exercising sporadically; while I have lots of new Student Affairs literature that I purchased, I haven’t read much of it yet; and I’m still addicted to caffeine. The only thing I’ve been doing well at is the leasure reading and I’ve once again made it through Harry Potter 1-5 and have just started the sixth book. Can the seventh book come out soon PLEASE? I can’t wait!!!

I called one of my friends yesterday. She was in the Peace Corps for the past two and a half years. We’ve been writing letters back and forth and the occassional e-mail when she’d get near a computer, but it’s been two and a half years since we talked to each other. It was very surreal talking to her again. Part of me felt like she’d never been gone and it was just yesterday that we were hanging out in the basement of her residence hall (we were both Resident Assistants) laughing and having fun. But then again, it felt like an eternity since the last time that we’d talked. I can’t really believe that she’s back…at least not until I actually see her.
My other friend, who was also in the Peace Corps, is supposed to be coming back this week and I’m not sure when and at what phone number I could reach her once she’s back, so I’m waiting anxiously for my phone to ring. As soon as she’s settled in a little, we’ll have to have a reunion or something.

These past few weeks have been strange. Some days, it’s just business-as-usual. I mean, I’m still working for ResLife here; the only thing that’s changed in my life is that I don’t have to run to classes after work and there’s no more late-night studying. But in that sense, it just feels like another summer, not THE summer before the rest of my life as a professional Student Affairs administrator.

One after the other the graduate students from my program are leaving. We just had another dinner last night to say goodbye to one of them, who’s moving tomorrow. It’s so surreal (I think “surreal” is the word of the day). You stand there and you say goodbye and your brain is telling you that you probably won’t see this person in years, but your heart isn’t able to comprehend that and you shrug it off and think, “I’m sure we’ll see each other soon.” SURREAL!

Okay, I really need to get to work now. Talk to you later!


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