Friday, June 16, 2006

Now Hiring?-Post 30

Post 30 from Now Hiring?

On my 24 inch Television: "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

It's a hot, sticky day out here in my land today. My major task was to go to work, dance and toss a kickball around with my colleagues' son, and finish up some last minute grading for my class (that ended over a month ago, for cryin' out loud). Other than that, I've been packing up my apartment. In fact, my girlfriend has been helping me in the sense that the constantly tells me "you have too much stuff" and "you don't know how to pack", yet neglecting the fact I'm an Air Force kid and I've had to pack up and move a time or two.

It felt a little weird to come into my office for the last time and clean off my desk. Part of me felt like I was getting fired and ordered to clean everything off. But, since I knew better, it felt kind of bittersweet to clean everything up and see my desk completely spotless. For the past two years, I sat there, fussed at students for the stupid things they did, laughed with my colleagues, did my fair share of homework there. There were a lot of good memories there at my desk, and though I know I must move on, there will be some hard feelings leaving an environment that was so comfortable and where I grew so much.

Well, since this the last blog entry, I want to share that it has been a joy and pleasure to do this weekly and share what was going on in my boring life. It was also great to hear feedback from others who were experiencing some of the same feelings and had many of the same questions I had. Finally, to all of you either still searching or got that "perfect" gig...keep your head up and remember to trust your gut. If we all do that, then we'll all be successful and our students will greatly benefit.

Now Hiring?


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